Unique EMS Projects!
Okay, here is something way different than you are used to seeing featured on street rod web sites. This probably interests me more than most of my viewers but I have not done one of these in so long that I just had to share. You’re looking at a 1971 345 International gas engine we just completed for a farm truck that was way underpowered. The block has been bored, balanced and fitted with a set of flat top pistons.   

Published on Sep 8, 2012 

Ellison's Machine Shop with over 30 years of custom engine building experence. Mild to wild, gas, blown, alcohol or nitrous. Foreign or domestic - gas - diesel - auto - truck - marine or industrial. We have repaired engines from a1907 single cylinder Palmer to a 2013 Kia Rio.

​A full competition style valve job and a Competitions Cams brand camshaft along with the addition of a new 4 barrel Holley carburetor (not in photos) should certainly breathe new life into this old underpowered piece of equipment. I hope you can appreciate the unusual as much as I do!  
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